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About Shubanjali

Founded in 1992, Shubanjali aims to promote Indian classical performing art forms to bring people in contact with the creativity of Indian classical (Bharatnatyam) and folk dances of India along with traditional carnatic music and theatre (drama), thereby making the Indian art forms an important cultural force within the U.S. performing arts scene.  Shubanjali promotes the values of Indian culture, preserves ancient art forms and forges links among Indian, US and other cultures.  Shubanjali is not just a dance school, but also a well-conceived methodology, whereby, the unique curriculum allows the student to develop a thorough understanding of the art through the systematic study of technique, culture and representation of Indian classical music and dance to a global audience.  The organization serves both Indian and American communities.  It allows the younger generation Indo-Americans to be exposed to the rich culture and traditions of their homeland.  At the same time, it brings about a greater understanding of the Indian culture to the American audiences. 

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About Shubanjali
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L’Academy Montessori
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Vivekananda Vidyapith
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