Suba Parmar originally from Chennai, India is a New Jersey based choreographer and dancer.  Suba has studied the vintage Pandanallur / Tanjore style of BharataNatyam (Classical dance of South India) known for its repertory grace and tradition at its finest.  She has been in the field for over 30 years, and has been acclaimed by critics and connoisseurs as an artist of superior caliber with meticulous performance in the field of Bharatanatyam.  This distinguished artist has imbibed the spirits of ancient art and manifests its grandeur thru' her lightning fast footwork, impressive expressions, impeccable gestures and flawless footwork.

As a result of her commitment to this fine art, Suba is recognized as a pioneer in the arts community.  Her creations reflect a wide range of artistic expressions ranging from traditional works to inter-cultural collaborations with artists of diverse cultures.  She is the Founder and Artistic Director of Shubanjali School of Performing Arts, a pioneering non-profit art organization that works to encourage excellence in the practice of Bharata-natyam and Folk dance in the US.  Shubanjali is not just a dance school, but a well conceived methodology, whereby, the unique curriculum allows the student to develop a thorough understanding of the art through the systematic study of technique, culture and representation of Indian arts to a global audience.  She sincerely believes that inculcating Art into ones lifestyle may be a remedy for all social illnesses including stress.  Her innovative programs for children and adults speak for themselves, as she has the ability to unfold the positive side of each individual that comes in contact with her teaching.  Her programs are not only outstanding because of the artistry, but she stands as a role model inspiring the children to dream and become the dream, and untiringly shows them the way.  Her commitment is truly unique as testified by major organizations that have lauded her efforts in the field of teaching dance.  She has performed for various fundraising events for several note-worthy causes, including AIM for Seva – an all India movement supporting the needy.  Shubanjali has raised more that $100,000 to support various humanitarian causes including fund raising programs for AIM for Seva, Share & Care Foundations, Alzheimer’s Foundation, Leukemia Society, Habitat for Humanity, Cancer Foundations, Regular performances at the Senior and Adult Homes.  Shubanjali is committed to children/youth education and outreach programs emphasizing the creative as well as the spiritual nature of our arts.

Shubanjali recently won the first place in competitions organized by FIA and UMBC (MD) in both the senior and junior classical and folk categories, and has been adjudged as the Best Outstanding Dance School for 3 years  2004, 2006 & 2007 in competitions held by Bridgewater Hindu Temple . Shubanjali was recognized by Union County for excellence in contribution of Arts to the community.

She is the most sought after performer and teacher in the tri-state.  Her passion and experience combined with a rare faculty of the arts allows her to portray tradition making it understandable to the mainstream audiences. She has directed and produced several award winning mythological and contemporary dance dramas including “Dance of the Mind”, “Shakthi”, “Ramayana”, “Tales of Krishna”, “Chauladevi”, Santa N’ Shiva, Splash the Wonder,  to name a few.

Suba is a scintillating dancer who makes the spectators spellbound by her lightning fast footwork, eye movements and intricate postures.  She performs a majestic Siva Tandavam, the most graceful Meera worship and a breathtaking peacock dance to mention a few.  Her audience call her the "Queen of Abhinaya" (Expressions).  She has driven the audience to tears through her story telling dances - Bhagawad Gita (Arjuna's emotions) and Ramayan.  Her dexterity is remarkable as she executes the most  unusual, creative and difficult Karanas which very few dancers dare try.  A captivating stage presence, backed by years of hard work, and a natural gift for mime have brought an aesthetic appeal to her recitals which goes beyond mere technique.

Her award "Nattiya Tharagai" (Star of Dance) from the Government of India and Tamil Nadu speaks for her artistic talent.  She is a gifted performer of International acclaim and has won numerous Awards and Appreciation from prestigious institutions like the Lalith Kala Academy, Sangeet Natak Academy, Tamil Isai Sangam, Hindustan Photo Films, TIFR and Smithsonian Institutions, India International Cultural Center and has also performed in Madras, Delhi and New York Televisions.  Suba has given a number of performances for leading organizations in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Washington DC, California, Bahamas, Canada, Brazil etc.

Suba's recitals have featured as the cultural event of many Conferences, Seminars, Inaugurals and Benefit shows.  She has contributed to a number of organizations through fund raising shows.

Suba was the recepient of the "Tamil Nadu Iyal Isai Nataka Manram"scholarship in Bharatanatyam and has also been adjudged best dancer in competitions organized by "Tamil Isai Sangam", "YMCA", and "National Inter-University Youth Festival".  Suba holds several coveted titles including the "Creative Choreographer"by AIA, NY, "Queen of Navarasas"-Siva Visnu Temple, MD, "Best Performer"- Temple Society of North America, to name a few. Suba has conducted numerous workshops on Indian dance and theatre and has worked with University of Rio, Brazil in a jointly collaborated presentation of the Indian epic “Ramayana”.

Suba teaches BharataNatyam at Vivekenanda Vidyapith, a premier cultural organization, and regularly performs and conducts workshops at Sivananda Yoga centers around the world helping them understand the tradition and the significance behind the postures and creating a visual experience by weaving the unlimited vocabulary of Indian dance into story ballets.