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Selective Reviews and Compliments

Swami Dayanand Saraswati (A renowned Hindu Scholar), Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania
"Suba is a gifted dancer.  The item "Bho Sambo Siva Sambo" is the best I've seen so far". Her performance was very good.  Suba's enthusiasm has the ability to impress people of all ages. Her expressions are very captivating.  Infact, students who gave up dancing would want to learn again after seeing her perform".

The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, NewYork
"Suba's brilliant performance was truly one of the most graceful yet dynamic, versatile and pious performances that we had the honor to experience.  Complicated footwork, truly natural abhinaya, difficult portrayal of Karanas (inspiring for our most adept Hatha Yogis), and most of all the overwhelming experience of Divine presence communicated through your dance left our Yoga Teachers in utter awe of the depth and beauty of the ancient Bharata culture.

The Indain Express News, New York, April 28, 2002
Suba Parmar presented an enchanting Bharatanatyam performance under the auspices of the Hindu Temple at Bridgewater, NJ.  Crisp, flawless and graceful movements characterized the entire show.  Suba Parmar was outstanding in the depiction of Valli as a gypsy princess.  The Tillana in Raag Sivaranjani with impeccable Tala calculations won a thunderous round of applause.

News-India Times, June 28, 1996
Crisp body movements and gestures and the changing patterns of rhythm define her as an artist of superior caliber making the whole performance visually impressive. Her natural gift for mime creates an instant rapport with the audience.

News India Times, New York
"Suba won the hearts of the audience with her outstanding portrayal of Karanas (difficult dance postures) impressive footwork and Abhinaya".

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Sri Siva Visnu Temple, Maryland
"The continuing patronage of the temple for the arts was evident when one among the younger generation artistes, Suba Ramesh Parmar made a mark by an outstanding show of talents in Bharatanatyam.  The audience sat spell bound at her remarkable prowess and command over footwork and abhinaya. Suba rightly deserves the title of the "Queen of Navarasas". Sri Siva Visnu Temple should be congratulated for arranging a performance of high quality by an artist of such caliber.

The Hindu
"Kum. Suba Krishnamurthy gave a delightful Bharatanatyam with her fine facial expressions.  The Abhogi Raag Varnam, and padham were impressive.  She was very graceful in Meera Bhajan".

Indian Express
"The scintillating Bharatanatyam recital of Kum. Suba Krishnamurthy was held under the auspices of Trichy Fine Arts.  She presented all the items in an enthralling manner as a great exponent of Bharatanatyam and kept the audience spell bound by her fast footwork and Bhava".

The Hindustan Times, New Delhi (Sunday May 20, 1990)
"Suba, a tall charming girl with a perfect figure essaying different poses of Lord Shiva at Chidambaram that notable for their elegance as well as intricate twisting of the body limbs.  With amazing dexterity, Suba did split-second poses and drew richly deserved applauses. Truly an immaculate performance".

Indian Express New Delhi (Monday May 28, 1990)
"Suba's cosmic dance of Shiva stood out for her appeal and technical prowess.

Hindustan Times Evening News (Monday May 28, 1990)
The "Anandanadamidum" - a solo by Suba depicting Lord Shiva's dance of bliss captivated the audience by the danseuse's fluent execution of those most difficult Karanas (Postures) which very few dancers dare execute these days.  Her cobra dance was breath-taking in its intricacy".

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International Gamma Ray Conference (Ootacamund)
"Kum. Suba kept the spectator’s spell bound during her two-hour performance.  She is a well accomplished and talented Bharatanatyam artiste full of grace and poise, with a very promising future as a great exponent of this art".

"Kum. Suba Krishnamurthy's dance recital captivated the hearts of the audience. Her amazing control and individuality, whether it be a karana, a complicated jathi pattern or the most abstract depiction of abhinaya, is truly remarkable.  She has something unique for every kind of audience".

Pollachi Tamil Isai Sangam
"Kum. Suba Krishnamurthy's recital was very well received during the Third Dance festival of Pollachi Tamil Isai Sangam. She amazed the audience with both the conservative and modern elements of Bharatanatyam.  Its a treat to witness Suba's recitals with beauty, grace and technique going hand in hand. She deserves to be lauded by institutions and connoisseurs of art".

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Appreciation’s, Awards and Honors

"Nattiya Tharagai"
(Star of Dance)
Title Awarded by the Government of India & Tamil Nadu at Muthamil Sangam, Cochin, Kerala, 8-31-91
"Enthralling & Flawless" Arsha Vidya Gurukulam Berkeley, California 4-23-94
"Gifted & Challenging " Center for Creative Arts, Fairfield, California, 4-26-94
"Creative Choreographer" Title  Awarded   by   Association   of  Indians  in  America, NY, 10-18-92
"Queen of Navarasas" Honored by Siva Visnu Temple, Washington DC, 12-25-93
"Best Dancer"  Blessed  by Swami Dayanda Saraswati, Saylorsburg, PA, 1992
"Master of Dance"
(Nritya Medha)
International Scientific Conference, Ooty, 3-10-91
"Outstanding Artist"  Awarded by the Hindustan Photo Films, Ooty, 11-14-90
"Supreme Performer" Presented by the Academy of Arts & Culture, Kala Kendra, Goa, 8-19-90
"Natya Ratna"
(Jewel of Dance)
Appreciated by the International Cultural  Centre,  Lalith Kala Academy,  New Delhi, 5-13-90
"Accomplished Artist" Honored by Thiyaga Brahma Sabha, Tanjore, 2-18-89
"Outstanding Classical Dancer" Awarded  with  Silver  Medal  and Scholarship, Seethalakshmi Ramaswamy College, Tiruchirapalli, 3-10-88
"Kalai Arasi"
(Queen of Dance)
Blessed  by  his  Holiness of Jeer Mutt, Sri  Rangam Temple, 'RajaGopuram Inauguration',  5-2-87
"Graceful & Captivating" Appreciated by Pollachi Thamizisai Sangam, Coimbatore, 11-1-88

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