Founded in 1992, Shubanjali aims to promote Indian classical perfroming art forms to bring people in contact withthe creativity of Indian classical (Bharatnatyam) and folk dances of India along with traditional Indian classical music and theatre (drama), thereby making the Indian art forms an important cultural force within the U.S. performing arts scene.  Shubanjali promotes the values of Indian culture, preserves ancient art forms and forges links among Indian, US and other cultures.  Shubanjali is not just a dance school, but a well-conceived methodology, whereby, the unique curriculum allows the student to develop a thorough understanding of the art through the systematic study of technique, culture and representation of Indian classical music and dance to a global audience.  The organization serves both Indian and American communities.  It allows the younger generation Indo-Americans to be exposed to the rich culture and traditions of their homeland.  At the same time, it brings about a greater understanding of the Indian culture to the American audiences.

Regularly Scheduled dance, music, yoga and meditation classes: These year-round classes will prepare students for Shubanjali’s productions, dance graduations and for upcoming Carnatic music and Bharatnatyam dance competitions and community shows.
Dance Training: Shubanjali over the last 25 years has trained over 500 students. 99 students have successfully completed their graduation (Arangetram) and a good number of them have become internationally acclaimed active performers. Shubanjali is also a pioneer in ONLINE TRAINING and successfully imparts classes through the digital media.
Special summer camps and workshops: Summer camps and workshops are organized every year, to impart intensive training in the classical dance technique, music improvisation for serious learners.
Dance graduation programs: Dance Graduation Ceremonies also known as Arangetram aims at preparing individuals for a career as solo professionals of this great art form. They develop the core mastery and skills to perform on stage with live orchestra for 3 hours. This maiden event is an accomplishment by itself as they learn valuable skills including a vast repertoire of items along with thorough technique, discipline, perseverance and dedication.
Grand dance presentations: Shubanjali consistently strives to impart the highest quality of instructions in the Indian Classic art forms to a broad and diverse audience. Shubanjali prides in its creative efforts bringing history and contemporary works to the audience. These are original productions where new meaning is given to the technique that it so compassionately nurtures. These productions are presented by the senior performing team comprising of versatile dancers and graduated students of the school. Some of its breathtaking productions include “Santa n Shiva”, a celebration of Christmas with traditional Indian music and dance, spreading the joyous spirit of the holidays through culture, “Splash the Wonder”, bringing out the best of folk and classical dances of India, “Tales of Krishna”, another mythological production, “Chauladevi”, a historical story from 15th century India, and another exemplary and creative adaptation of “The Beauty and the Beast” in Indian classical music and dance style, and the more recent productions “Lured by the Myths”, “Tattva Tapas Tejas” and “Tathasthu” with extraordinary costumes, stage props and vibrant live Indian classical music.
Teacher training: Shubanjali trains motivated advanced students and career-oriented professionals in the art of teaching dance called Nattuvangam.
Collaborative Music and Dance work with other cultural Organizations: Shubanjali Continuously collaborates with several cultural organizations in NJ, PA and NY, whereby Shubanjali has been asked to provide training in performing Arts (dance and Music) to the students of these organizations on a regular basis and also perform music work for their dance presentations, and also be an ambassador in representing the rich classical traditions of India.
Service through Art is an ideal for which Shubanjali stands for and strongly encourages its students to actively integrate art within their community activities. Shubanjali has raised hundreds of dollars to support various humanitarian causes including fund raising programs for AIM for Seva, Share & Care Foundations, Alzheimer’s Foundation, Leukemia Society, Habitat for Humanity, Cancer Foundations, Veerni, Akshaya Patra and many others. The Shubanjali dancers also perform regularly at the Senior and Adult homes. Shubanjali is committed to children/youth education and outreach programs emphasizing the creative as well as the spiritual nature of our arts.
Shubanjali collaborates with premier organizations in the area to bring some of the best talents of India, as well as upcoming artists to perform in the U.S. Shubanjali also conducts lecture demonstrations, workshops, and fusion concerts. In addition, every year Shubanjali strives to conduct “meet with artists” heritage camps, wherein a talented artist of popular standing is invited for a personal informal session with all of its students, focusing on the cultural and educational goals of the organization. Shubanjali’s events showcase the best of Indian talents. Shubanjali constantly serves the US by bringing a cultural treasure from a distant land to enrich its multi-cultural environment and this is an ongoing process all year round.