The teachers are very talented and amazing!!! They are dedicated to the arts and go through extra mile for every child. It’s a whole some experience both the three children as well as the families

-Shuba Vasan

My wife Shamala and I have known Suba and her school ever since its inception in 1992. Our daughter Sumitra who is now a mother of two sons aged 9 and 7 was fortunate to have had undergone advanced training under Suba’s guidance taking in just not the techniques of dance but more importantly the values of life essential to lead a life that is meaningful and fulfilling that came with the training. She is living it and as parents we are so happy and proud. This year 2019 we attended all the nine arangetrams. Under the piazzas of every arangetram there were messages of hope, courage, compassion, true friendship and more the graduates gave life to. It was evident to us that the gurus Suba and Suresh, did not stop at just teaching the techniques of dance, but they continued relentlessly to teach the values of life that one needs to inculcate to be classified as a good human being. The courage of women such as Meera born to a royal family and that of the tamil saint Andal to challenge society through their devotion to Lord Krishna sent a clear message to these children that they too should weave the values of these women into their own fabrics of life and that they too can cross the limits of the impossible and change the world for the better. At every graduation speech Suba through various metaphors brought home to the graduates the very essence of Sanatana Dharma that it is a way of life of ethical and moral consciousness and it is a fellowship of those who follow the moral life of honesty, kindness, gratefulness to our benefactors and sympathetic to the unfortunate. The graduates through their story telling showed all these traits, which we are sure they will carry with them for the rest of their life. Bharatanatyam is a difficult art from South India. But children and parents whose roots go back to Western, Eastern, Northern parts and more of India and even from Western societies have embraced this lovely art. At this rate can establishing a branch of Shubanjali on the moon far fetched? We do not think so. It is within the realm of possibility. Chandarayan 2 has already planted “Pragyan’ the wisdom of Sanatana Dharma there. Go for it Suba and Suresh. God bless.

- Bindigana Ramaprasad & Shamala

Shubanjali is a great school for children to learn Bharatanatyam!

- Suganthi Sathya

My daughter is learning dance in Shubhanjali School of Performing Arts. In simple words, it is a blessing to have Subha akka and Suresh sir as her Gurus.I adore their commitment and passion towards this wonderful art form. Suba akka has also taught my daughter many life lessons which brought in perseverance in her life. She thoroughly understands the students strength and encourage them to be very successful. I have never seen a multitalented and down to earth person like Suresh sir. Suresh sir has in depth knowledge not only in dance but also in vocal music. He ensures he gives his best to every student. Thank you Subha akka and Suresh sir.

- Vidhya Datt

Our daughter Roshni Datta did her Arangetram on August 3rd, 2019. It was a joyous occasion and her journey in Shubanjali for the last 8 years has been a very fulfilling, memorable, fun filled and enriching one . Guru Suba embodies the qualities of a perfect Gurukul tradition of yesteryears as alongside teaching dance to her students she teaches them life skills and that enriches and stays with the students throughout their lives. We couldn’t have chosen a better place or a better human being to be her teacher . In the later years Guru Suresh joined the school and made it even more enriching and a very exciting place As he embraced each student and taught them with such passion and dedication that each student excelled themselves to their fullest capacity. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts . Roshni danced her heart out and opened the season with a bang and we couldn’t have done this without Shubanjali . 

- Koel Chaterjee

Joining Shubanajali was one of the greatest choices our family has made. Our daughter, Venya Bhardwaj joined when she was 5 years old, slowly moving up the levels until she completed her Bharatanatyam arangetram. She has been extremely fortunate in having the inspirational guidance from her Guru, Suba Parmar, and it motivated not only Venya but our entire family. Every Guru in Shubhanjali is of the utmost quality with unparalleled dedication, and skills. They teach the basics first, making sure those are sound before diving into harder material. This allows for great arangetrams, as proven this year. But instead of a strict and miserable class session, students often are laughing and are engaged in the topic at hand. Guru Suba Parmar is always telling stories and motivational lectures that are inspiring to simply anyone. Guru Swamimalai Suresh is extremely dedicated and comes up with beautiful choreography that keeps students interested in learning. Both gurus do an excellent job of helping a student perfect his/her dance until it is of professional quality. During arangetram training this year, Venya observed that her dance skills had improved greatly; she owes it all to the fantastic gurus and motivating atmosphere of Shubhanjali. with a bang and we couldn’t have done this without Shubanjali . 

- Anjum Kaushik

We have been part of Shubanjali family for more than 10 years now and my daughter Ishana did her arangetram on August 18th. We are really glad to be part of shubanjali family and can't thank the gurus enough for this wonderful journey. Finding the right guru to nurture the talent and continue to grow their skill matters more. Luckily we found Guru Suba Parmar, her utmost dedication, passion for this art form, involvement, raising the standards and expectations of her students, elevating their performance to next level made the journey more worthy. We pray to God to continue to give her the strength and ability to instill the inspiration and pass the passion to many year over year.

- Vaishali Soni

My twin daughters are immensely blessed to have Smt. Suba Ramesh Parmar as their Guru since they were five years old. She is the most kind, compassionate, and dedicated teacher who knows how to bring out the maximum potential in each child. As she teaches dance, she also taught my daughters the philosophy and traditions behind all that they have learned. Our journey towards the Arangetram was very pleasant and memorable. She went above and beyond to choreograph our items and record new songs. She is also very meticulous in choosing the best team to work with, including the make up artist, orchestra, master of ceremonies, and photographer. My daughters enjoyed the photo session for Arangetram a few months ago with our Guru Suba and Justin from Indus photography who tirelessly spent hours to capture all the poses in the dances to be performed. We are very proud to be part of the Shubanjali family.

- Anitha Irakam

We are very fortunate to have been associated with Shubanjali. Our daughter, Divya, has learned more than dance these past several years under the guidance of Guru Suba. Along with Divya, we have learned to enjoy not only the classes, but also the motivational stories and anecdotes that Guru Suba gives during the classes that helps one grow as a person. Our lives have been enriched beyond measure with the opportunity to participate in dance events in various places while simultaneously gaining a deeper understanding of our culture. The program has been of professional quality while the teachers and artists have been friendly and approachable always. Guru Suba’s welcoming warm smile has always made the children feel at home as they enter the dance class. Encouragement and assurance have been a hallmark of Shubanjali. One thing I liked about Shubanjali is that each child is allowed to grow in their pace without too much pressure. Guru Suba and Guru Suresh is always there to encourage and motivate children and help them overcome any difficulty. With the addition of Guru Swamimali Suresh, students have the advantage of learning from two experts in the field of dance. Guru Suresh inspires students to extend to their potential and reteaches every step and abhinaya till they master it to the best of their ability. Together they give rigorous training, make corrections, and push the students to excel. Shubanjali programs are always well planned and run on schedule. This year we had the opportunity to plan and execute Divya's arangetram. We had sufficient guidance from the school with timelines and reminders till the last day. We realized that having joined Shubanjali, we get value from the whole Shubanjali family. Learning yoga from Shri Ramesh Parmar, gaining valuable advice from the Guru's mother, drawing in the experience of other Shubanjali parents, the whole journey has been enjoyable. As the practice gets ramped up towards arangetram days, it was amazing to see all the teachers take a genuine interest in each child to help them excel in dance as well as gain confidence. Divya has learned endurance and resilience while appreciating the benefits of hard work. She has been inspired by her teacher’s passion for dance and is continuously motivated to learn. A few incidents come to mind that can paint a better picture about the teachers. Divya sprained her leg the day before her arangetram. She had difficultly even climbing the stairs and was deeply worried about her performance. When I asked Suba Akka about it, her advice and assurance put me at ease. Divya asked me “Was aunty worried?” I said “No! She seems confident you will get better. She gave some home remedies and said you will be fine by tomorrow.” Those words seemed to be enough to light up Divya’s face instantly and to mostly recover the next day. Her trust in her Guru made me realize how much positive influence Guru Suba had in her students. Divya had difficulty in one of the jatis the week before the arangetram. I asked the gurus if we can simplify it. Both Guru Suba and Guru Suresh seemed confident that it will be fine. Guru Swamimalai Suresh made her repeat the jati during practice. When the practice session was over and everyone was moving towards dinner, in a very relaxed setting, Suba Akka casually made Divya practice it and made her master it. I realized that the teachers were too experienced and I should trust their judgement in these matters. It is hard enough to master an art form as complex as this, but having mastered it, Shubanjali gurus teach children with different personalities and capabilities, with a smile on their faces.

- Mahe Krishnan

Our daughter, Seva, started dancing under Guru Suba Parmar when she was five years old and from the very beginning we could tell that this journey would be about more than dance. Over the past 10 years, Seva has learned to master dance steps under the patient and encouraging eye of Guru Suba but she has also learned some important life lessons such as the importance ofdedication, persistence, being a good and kind person and having fun in all that you do as exemplified by Guru Suba. 

As Seva prepared for her arangetram, Guru Swamimalai K Suresh joined Shubanjali and we are forever grateful for his guidance. Both of the gurus are extremely passionate and dedicated to thisart form. With choreography that is unmatched, they encourage the students, emphasize their strengths, help them overcome their weaknesses, and truly bring out the best in each student. Seva completed her arangetram on August 10, 2019 and we could not have imagined going through this without Guru Suba, Guru Suresh or the Shubanjali family.

-Anitha Irakam

My daughter is learning Dance st Shubhanjali school for last 7 years. Her teacher Guru Suba Parmar is a excellent educator, she goes above and beyond in enriching her students life not onlythrough dance by teaching life lessons. Dance teacher like Suba Parmar are not easy to find

- Pratibha Kataraiya

My daughter Anushca did her arangetram on September 8th 2019. We are immensely grateful to have been part of the Shubanjali family and cannot thank our two gurus Suba acca and Suresh sir enough for taking us on this beautiful journey. There are spiritual leaders, life coaches, master teachers, master performers, and great artists, but no term for those that may encompass all of these purposes into one. Suba Acca is such a guru. She is someone who has brought perfection to her art and life through dedication and willpower and inspires the world to do the same. I wish both Suba acca and Suresh sir all the best for her present and future endeavors and look forward for them to keep rising and continuing educating young generations with their knowledgeable and artistic skills. I would also like to share some letters of feedback that my daughter received after her arangetram below.  

Hi everyone! Just returned after watching Anushca's stunning Arangetram performance! Her repertoire was just amazing, very refreshing n unique dances chosen by ger Guru and herself. I am assuming Guru picks the kind of dance the student will perform exceedingly well on the stage for this important milestone in the student's life....in which case, kudos to Anushca as each and every piece was high energy n very traditional! Also the finale is usually the regular "Mangalam" thank you song....but Anushca performed a dance asking for world peace, happiness, tolerance towards all religions and all peoples! Was very touched! 

Hello Karthy (& Vaseeharan), Just want to let you know we enjoyed the beautiful and classical performance by Anushca (& her sister) yesterday. Anushca was a delight to watch. We understand and applaud the hard work, dedication and discipline (by all) which produced such a beautiful classical performance. Anushca is a talented and gifted dancer. Congratulations to Anushca and her family and the very best for the future. With Regards

The choreography was amazing and she executed it effortlessly- not one bead of sweat on her! Each and every piece was complicated and difficult and there was no hesitation or forgetting. She was on beat and every step was pure perfection! Aramandi - from first dance to the last was maintained!!! Have never seen that before! I am speechless in regards to her abhinayam. she emoted every scene impeccably as if she’s been performing for decades. If I had not know her or her tender age, I would think that she was a professional in her 30s and 40s.: Pls show her my text

- Karthy Vasee